The 11th annual engineering forum sponsored by KSEEE
in conjunction with JSAEM

August 10-12, 2005, Nairobi, Kenya

主催 Kenya Society of Electrical and Electronic Engineers(KSEEE) and Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics(JSAEM)
委員長 D.B.O.コンディティ(ジョモケニアッタ農工大)
ケニア側委員 ハリー・カーネ(モイ大学)
日本側委員 齊藤皓彦(福岡女学院大学),長南征二(東北大学),佐々木実(岐阜大学),石見芳夫(岐阜大学)

 開会お呼び歓迎の辞が、斎藤によって述べられた。基調講演は在ケニア、アメリカ国際大学Meoli Karshoda教授によってなされた。講演は全体で14件であった。しかし、学術研究発表は日本より2件、ケニア1件、タンザニア1件の4件のみで、他は技術者や経営者のための自己啓発マネージング・セミナーが主たる内容であった。今後学会を継続して発展させるためには、学術研究発表の件数を大幅に増加させる必要があると考える。


The annual Engineering Leadership Conference took place from 10 to 12 August at the African Institute for Capacity Development. Over50 engineers and allied professionals attended. The conference was officially opened by Prof.Akihiko Saito, President - Fukuoka Jogakuin University, Japan; and the Keynote address was given by Prof.Meoli Kashorda, Dean-School of Business, USIU.

The "Master Class" for engineers with management responsibilities featured workshops on how to... manage effectively, develop people, work in teams, lead teams effectively, communicate effectively, communicate persuasively, and organise oneself for leadership. In addition there was the popular best practice "ShareFair" where practitioners shared solutions to day-to-day problems.

Participants not only enjoyed but also returned to their organisations with fresh ideas, new skills, new tools and enthusiasm. While welcoming the participants, Andrew Otsieno, the Conference Director noted that... "The Engineering Leadership Conference is a quality event that aims at maximising learning, experience sharing and networking."

Presentations on emerging technologies included;
  • Magnetic Annisotropy and Magnetization Changes of Co based Amophous Ribbons Due to Heat Treatment Under Stress by Y.Iwami, Y.Okazaki and A.Saito*; Gifu University, Yanagito, Gifu Japan, *Fukuoka Jo-Gakuin University, Osa Minami-ku, Fukuoka Japan
  • System Development and Attitude Stabilization Control of a Flying Robot by Minoru SASAKI*, Atsushi ISHIDA*, Yuichiro IMAMURA* and Satoshi ITO*; *Department of Human Information Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Gifu Univ., Japan.
  • Feed-forward Control of a Micro-Actuator for Dual-Stage HDD by Minoru Sasaki*, Hiroyuki Yamada*, Yoonsu Nam** and Satoshi Ito* ; *Dept. of Human and Information Systems Engineering, Gifu Univ., Japan, **Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Kangwon National Univ., Korea.

    Lookout for E-TECH2006, planned to take place from August 9-11, 2006 at the African Institute for Capacity Development in Nairobi, Kenya.

    Andrew otsieno, Conference Director

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