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Journal of JSAEM, Vol. 10, No. 4 (2002)
J. Jpn. Soc. Appl. Electromagn. Mech., Vol. 10, No. 4 (2002)


The Special Issue on the 10th MAGDA Conference

On the publication of a special issue on the 10th MAGDA conference (in Japanese) 359
Kazuhisa Ishibashi
Special Issue Papers

The effect of microstructure change on magnetic property in type 304 stainless steel subjected to creep damage (in Japanese) 360 - 365
Yuji Nagase, Kazumi Aoto
Behavior of small-sized SMA Spring Actuator under constant load (in Japanese) 366 - 371
Takao Ishii, Eiji Matsumoto
Detection of back surface defect by laminated piezoelectric polymer film (in Japanese) 372 - 377
Jungo Chishiki, Yuji Komagome, Eiji Matsumoto
Simulation of ultrasonic imaging of internal defects by electromagnetic acoustic transducer (in Japanese) 378 - 383
Hideaki Funaoka, Eiji Matsumoto
Research on numerical anaylsis modeling of SCC on eddy current testing (in Japanese) 384 - 388
Kenichi Ohshima, Mitsuo Hashimoto
Simulation of Ferroresonance Occurring in Power System Containing Voltage Transformer 389 - 393
Radek Javora, Sotoshi Yamada, Masayoshi Iwahara
Study on the power and the responsiveness of the new actuator materials (in Japanese) 394 - 399
Yoshitake Nishi, Hiromasa Yabe
Structural Control of Fe-based Alloy through Diffusional Phase Transformations in High Magnetic Field (in Japanese) 400 - 405
Hideyuki Ohtsuka, Hitoshi Wada
Non-linear control of a magnetic levitation system based on passivity (in Japanese) 406 - 412
Toshimi Shimizu, Minoru Sasaki, Shigesato Asai
Active electromagnetic levitation conveyance control of a flexible beam by using disturbance observer (in Japanese) 413 - 420
Minoru Sasaki, Yoshimitsu Kobayashi, Yasuro Hori
Examination of Magnetic Levitation of Thin Steel Plate with 3D Computer Simulation (in Japanese) 421 - 426
Kazuo Marunaga, Yasuo Oshinoya, Kazuhisa Ishibashi
Elasticity Vibration Simulation of Steel Plate with Magnetic Force for Restraining Horizontal Position in Magnetic Levitation (in Japanese) 427 - 432
Koichiro Yokoo, Yasuo Oshinoya, Kazuhisa Ishibashi, Atsushi Igusa

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