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Research Activities
the Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics


JSAEM supports collaborative research activities between groups from different research institutions in order to develop new research fields and novel technologies. Among the topics of investigation are:

ball2Application of Intelligent High Dnsity Electromagnetism

ball2Fusion Technology of DDS and Electromagnetic Energy

ball2Adaptive Design of Intelligent Electromagnetic Materials and Structures

ball2Lead-Free Piezoelectric Ceramics

Adaptive design of intelligent electromagnetic materials and structures

Research committee on Adaptive Design of Intelligent Electromagnetic Materials and Structures, chaired by Prof. Junji Tani of Tohoku University, started from July 1993 and its meeting was held almost once a month for 3 years. The research topics were focused on intelligent material, such as shape memory alloys, piezoelectric materials, high temperature superconductors and composite materials etc. and their systems, especially considering biomedical application.

Members of the committee were from universities, national research institutes, private companies and hospitals, who have the expertise of mechanical, electric, material and medical field. Based on the research activities in the committee two big projects have started. One is "Flexible Structures and Mechanical Systems using Advanced Functional Materials" (Research Coordinator: Prof. Junji Tani, 1995-1997) supported by the Science and Technology Agency. The other is "Development of Artificial Valves for Hollow Organs" (Research Coordinator: Prof. Seiji Chonan, 1996-1998) supported by the Ministry of Education. In consequence of the activities this research group has been recognized as a center of electromagnetic intelligent material systems in the world.

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