JSAEM Studies in Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics, Vol.8

Volume 8

Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanical Systems

Editor: K.Nagaya, D.Ioan

Proceedings of the Second Japan Romania Joint Seminar on Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanical Systems
16-18 November, 1998, Kiryu, Japan

ISBN 4-931455-07-7, ISSN 1343-2869


Table of contents

Power Loss Analysis and Prediction in Silicon Iron Laminations 1 - 12
A Distributed FVTD Method for Microwave Devices Analysis 13 - 20
I.Munteanu, D.Ioan and R.Marinescu-Frasinei
Sigma-Delta Magnetic Sensor for Eddy Current Testing 21 - 28
S.Dan Grigorescu, D.Ioan and C.Cepisca
Fe-rich glass covered amorphous wires used in torsion and magnetic field measurements 29 -34
H.Chriac, E.Hristoforou, M.Neagu, I.Darie and C.Hison
Nonlinear Static Magnetic Field Analysis by Integral Equation Method 35 - 40
K.Ishibashi and Y.Oshinoya
Role of Soft Magnetic Properties in the magnitude of the Magneto-Impedance Effect 41 - 46
H.Chiriac, T-A.Ovari, C-S.Marinescu
Modeling of Spin Dynamics in the Large Gyromagnetic Effect 47 - 52
H.Chiriac, T-A.Ovari and C-S Marinescu
FMR Investigation of The Magnetic Behavior of Amorphous Glass-Covered Wires 53 - 57
H.Chriac, C.N.Colesniuc and T.-A.Ovari
Artificial Neural Network Estimation of Dross Attached Level 58 - 63
J.Wang, K.Kusumoto and K.Nezu
Measurements of protein contents and alkaline phosphatase activities of osteoblast-like cells to repetitive pulsed magnetic field 64 - 67
H.Kotani, S.Ueno, S.Tanaka, H.Kawaguchi and K.Nakamura
Kinetic Thrust Characteristics of Linear Oscillatory Actuator at Low Temperature 68 - 73
A.Aoki, W.Nakayama, M.Watada, S.Torii, K.Yamane and D.Ebihara
Experimental Analysis of Magnetic Field on Eddy Current Brake 74 - 79
Y.Um, S.Torii, D.Ebihara, I.Sanjo and Y.Tani
ON the Efficiency of Symbolic and Numeric Hierarchical Methods for Solving Repetitive Computation Problems 80 - 86
M.Nitescu and F.Constantinescu
Nine-Freedom Curves-Surface Triangular Element for Boundary Element Method in Electrostatic Problems 87 - 93
H.Tsuboi, M.Tanaka, K.Yano
Numerical Prediction of Jc of Irradiated Bi2212 Single Crystal 94 - 99
K.Takase, K.Demachi and K.Miya
Development of Magnetic Suspension SystemControlled by a Magneto-Electric Element 100 - 104
T.Ueno, J.Tani and J.Qiu
Dynamic Finite Element Analysis of a Magnetic Damper System 105 - 109
M.Enokizono, T.Todaka and E.Ishibashi
Fabrication of a Levitating Rotation Element with magnetic materials 110 - 114
M.Enokizono, T.Todaka, K.Goto and Y.S.Chew
Finite Element Analysis of Shaded Pole Moter Considering Skewed Slot 115 - 118
Y.Koba, K.Harada, Y.Ishihara, T.Todaka and S.Kitamura
Moving Simulation of Powdered Materials in Magnetic Separator 119 - 124
M.Nitescu and F.Constantinescu
A Distributed Implementation of an ObjectOriented Data Structure for Field Analysis 125 - 132
M.Popescu, I.Munteanu and D.Ioan
The Effect of the Superconductor Saddle Coils on the Plasma Stability in Vertical Direction 133 - 140
O.Mihalache, T.Uchimoto and K.Miya
Magnetic sensors for nondestructive evaluation of iron-based material 141 - 145
K.Yamada, S.Shoji, K.Y.Sprapedi, S.Toyooka and Y.Isobe
An inverse approach to the study of vibrating alloy ribbons 146 - 151
I-R.Nicula, V.Mitre, T.Sireteanu and M.Logofatu
Geometrical Factor in Galvanomagnetic Effects in Some High Electron Mobility III-V Semiconductors 152 - 157
M.Logofatu, I.Licea, B.Logofatu and I.Munteanu
Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing Method in the Optimal Design of Electromagnetic Devices 158 - 168
V.Topa, E.Simion, C.Dan, G.D.Mey and J.Deconinck
Results of Applying the Box-Jenkins Methodology Ona Maritime Ship 169 - 176
A.Sotir, T.Mosoiu and G.Samoilescu
Shape Optimization of the Resistors with Complex Geometry Using Spline Boundary Elements and Genetic Algorithms 177 - 184
C.Munteanu, V.Topa, E.Simion, G.D.Mey and M.Dobbelaere
Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Magnetic Field Analysis with the Integral Equation Method 185 - 192
T.Todaka and M.Enokizono
BEM for Nonlinear Thermic Problems 193 - 196
F.Hantila, M.Vasiliu, D.Ioan, R.Enache and B.Cranganu
Eddy Currents and Force Computation in Moving Bodies 197 - 202
G.Preda, F.I.Hantila and E.Demeter
Flaw Reconstruction Using a Multi-Frequency Method and an Artificial Intelligence 203 - 208
T.Chady and M.Enokizono
Voltage-Current (U-I) Relation of Microwave Circuits with Losses 209 - 214
B.C.Cretu, F.I.Hantila and I.L.Gheorma
Sensitivities in Electrical Machines 215 - 220
F.Hantila, C.Mihai, E.Demeter and R.Vasile
Fabrication of Yba2Cu3Oy Thin Films on Textured Buffer Layers Grown by Modified Bias Sputtering Technique 221 - 226
S.Kumagai, S.Aoki, M.Saitoh, M.Fukutomi, K.Komori and K.Togano
A research of Induction Motor's Sensor-less Speed Vector Control-Application into EV Power Train System- 227 - 233
Basic Study for Non-Destructive Detection of Flaws CFRP using HTS-SQUID Gradiometer 234 - 239
N.Kasai, D.Suzuki, H.Takashima, M.Koyanagi, Y.Hatsukade, A.Ishiyama and F.Kojima
Measurement and Valuation of Touch Sensation (Tactile Perception of Forefinger Compared with PVDF Senser Output) 240 - 249
M.Tanaka, S.Chona, Z.Jiang, and H.Nakajima
Numerical Analysis of Propagation and Detection of Acoustic Waves Generated by Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer 250 - 255
Y.Fujita, S.Maruyama, T.Sugiura and M.Yoshizawa
Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Simulation of Deep Drawing Processes 256 - 261
Study on Non-Contact Hold and Transfer Control of a Steel Sphere by a Magnetic Robot Hand 262 - 268
H.Kojima, O.Itagaki and T.Kobayashi
Vibration Control of Cantilever Beam Using Magnetostrictive Material 269 - 274
Y.Matsuda, E.Matsumoto and T.Shibata
Fast Finding of the Periodic Steady State in Nonlinear Circuits by Exponential Extrapolation 275 - 280
F.Constantinescu, A.Ionescu and M.Nitescu
Simplified Symbolic Expressions of Circuit Functions Valid for a Certain Region of The Complex Plane 281 - 287
F.Constantinescu and M.Nitescu
Numerical Analysis of Piston movement in the Wobble Plate type Compressors for Automotive Air Conditioning 288 - 295
T.Inoue, K.Nagai and K.Hashimoto
Design of a Linear Induction Motor for a Combined Lift and Propulsion System of a Steel Plate 296 - 301
H.Hayashiya, M.Tokuda, H.Ohsaki and E.Masada
Missing Link Rediscovered : The Electromagnetic Circuit Element Concept 302 - 320
D.Ioan and I.Munteanu
Models for the FLUXSET Sensor 321 - 330
M.Rebican and D.Ioan
Losses Decreasing in Grain Oriented Fe-Si Electrical Steel by Electron Beam Surface Treatments 331 - 335
W.Kappel, A.R-Petroaia, H.Gavrila, L. and David and D. Biro
Life Science of Nuclear Reactor 336 - 339
M.Uesaka, T.Sukegawa, K.Miya, K.Yamada, S.Toyooka, N.Kasai, S.Takahashi, K.Morishita, K.Ara, N.Ebine and Y.Isobe
Numerical analysis of quench propagation in high Tc Superconductor 340 - 345
H.Hashizume, M.Suzuki and S.Toda
Evaluation of Three-Dimensional Force of a Test Machine of a Two-Dimensional Linear Synchronous Moter 346 - 353
K.Yakushi, T.Koseki, M.Yonezawa and S.Sone
Full Controlled DC-DC Converter with Capacitive Load 354 - 361
Gh.Asachi, C.Orita and C.Ababei
Evaluation of Motion of a HTS Thin Film Suspended under a Magnet 362 - 365
M.Tsuchimoto, K.Matsuura, N.Homma and M.Matsuda
Modeling of transmission lines for transient's studies 366 - 371
S.Gheorghe and G.Nicoleta
The calculation of the electrical field for a maritime merchant ship and the practical measurement methods 372 - 379
On the Influence of the Pinning Centers Parameters on the Electromagnetic Properties of High Tc Superconductors 380 - 385
J.Sosnowski, M.Rabara, K.Demachi and K.Miya
Distributed Evolutionary Strategies for Electromagnetic Devices Optimization 386 - 391
G.Ciuprina and D.Ioan
Micro-Vibration Control of Milling Machine by Using Magnetic Absorber Under Auto-Tuning Control 392 - 396
K.Nagaya, J.Kobayashi and K.Imai
Pulse Moter with High Temperature Superconducting Levitation 397 - 402
K.Nagaya, Y.Kosugi, T.Suzuki and I.Murakami
A Method to Improve Robustness of Advancing Front Technique 403 - 408
T.Ishikawa and T.Tamura
On the Application of Differential Geometry to Electromagnetic Problems 409 - 414
I.Nishiguchi, K.Haseyama and T.Isobe